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Spark of Rebellion Release Notes

Postby Jaspor » Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:48 pm

Download the latest version.

Notes indicating the changes of each released version of Spark of Rebellion:

Release Notes 08/12/2015
  • The group of players working on these projects now has a name! The name and logo have been added to the Credits page.
  • The appearance of stat blocks has been improved! The improvements include:
    ○ The size of the stat blocks has been reduced to match the width of the text columns.
    ○ As a result of the stat block images being made smaller, whitespace around the stat blocks has improved throughout the document. (ie, no more text running right into the stat blocks.)
    ○ The images have been "vectorized" so the text labeling each of the stats is still readable despite being sized down.
    ○ An issue with the stat labels being hard to read on black backgrounds has been corrected.
    ○ Numbers within the stat blocks have had their positioning improved. (Previously some numbers were off center a bit.)
  • New weapon images have been added courtesy B.A. Simon.
  • The Sensor Scrambler ship modification did not have a Rarity listed. It now has a Rarity 6.
  • The Westar-35 Pistol in Sabine's stat block had its damage lowered to match the previous adjustment to the same gun in the Player Options chapter.
  • The Blurrg-1120 Pistol has had Prepare 1 added to its qualities when in dual-fire Linked mode.
  • The Energy Slingshot has had its damage increased slightly and its range reduced from Medium to Short.
  • Several members of the Ghost crew have had their skills adjusted based on community feedback. Several abilities have been buffed, and a few have been added. Thanks to everyone who contributed their comments on these iconic characters!
  • Warjak (in the Gladiator Night encounter) had the incorrect stats. (He was emulating Rugor's style a bit too closely.) This has been corrected.

Release Notes 07/12/2015
  • The Inquisitor has remembered that he knows how to use a Lightsaber. Lightsaber 2 skill added to his stats.
  • The missing T7 Ion Disruptor text has been added.
  • The T7 Ion Disruptor weapon qualities have been corrected in the weapons table.
  • The WESTAR-35 Pistol has had its damage reduced by 1, its encumbrance increased by 1, and its price reduced slightly.
  • The X-8 Night Sniper Pistol has had its Hard Points reduced by 1 and its price reduced slightly.

Initial Release 07/09/2015

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