Online Shadow Over Tarkintown Public Beta - Looking For Players

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Online Shadow Over Tarkintown Public Beta - Looking For Players

Postby Jaspor » Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:58 am

Hello all!

We are almost ready to release our second publication, Shadow Over Tarkintown. But before we release it to the public, we are going to run it once or twice as something of a "beta test" to see how it plays, is balanced, and what players think. And you guys are all invited to help us try it out!

The first beta test session took place on Friday, April 1st, beginning at 9:30pm EDT. The session lasted approximately 3 and a half hours.

The second beta test session will take place on Thursday, April 14th, beginning at 8:30pm EDT.

This will be run as an online session using Roll20 and Google Hangouts. Since this adventure is designed to be a "Beginner's Game" (just like the Beginner's Games published by FFG), our preference is to have people who have never had a chance to actually play the FFG Star Wars RPG before.

If you are interested in playing and you are available on that date at the specified time, please fill out the online survey form. Preference will be given to those with the least experience, but more experienced players will not be completely ruled out. (It often helps to have at least one player who's played before in order to help the others along.)

Lastly, Shadow Over Tarkintown provides five original pre-made Player Characters for the players to choose from. The pre-made PC portfolios are a work in progress, and feel free to review the latest versions and decide which characters may appeal to you the most.

Thanks all, and we're looking forward to bringing Lothal to life for you guys during this adventure! ;)


The Spark of Rebellion has been ignited on the planet Lothal. The Empire is taking the threat seriously, and has sent Darth Vader to deal with the insurgents directly. As the Sith Lord attempts to lure the Rebels out of hiding, he orders the refugee camp known as Tarkintown to be destroyed. But the Rebels he is seeking are not the only ones on this planet who have seen the travesties caused by the oppressive rule of the Imperials. Others have been inspired by the actions of the crew of the Ghost. They know the Empire is looking to set an example, and they’re ready to fight back.


Shadow Over Tarkintown is an adventure created in the mode of the official “beginner adventure” boxed sets. Included in this release will be:

  • A full adventure module that has the PCs opposing the Empire as they close in on Tarkintown with the intent of destroying the town.
  • Five original pre-made player characters, complete with original artwork, pre-generated stats and skills, and a background story explaining how the group has come together to oppose the Empire.
  • New equipment, NPCs, and vehicles that can be introduced into an existing campaign or adventure.
  • An original professional quality map of Tarkintown and some of its key landmarks.
  • Digital “token” images for the PCs and NPCs for easy use in online games or for printing out and using as part of a live tabletop session.

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